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First message to friends

Our beautiful sweet Mia has been in PICU (paediatric intensive care unit) from last Sunday night.  She became critically ill very quickly and we almost lost her last Sunday night.  Laboratory results found she had Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV and then Strep A bacterial infection and Sepsis quickly took over her little body causing havoc.  She is a fighter and survived but unfortunately she is still very ill.  Our special girl has an extremely long recovery road ahead of her.  Her arms, legs, hands and feet have been damaged.  Only time will tell us what her final outcome will be.  We are of course struggling with all of this but we have amazing friends and family supporting us here and with Ellie and Max at home.  Please send us oodles of your love, thoughts and prayers.  Xx


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  1. Thinking and praying for you all during this difficult time. Hoping you can find some peace during this stressful time and Mia continues to improve xxx

  2. Oh my goodness Amy Wilkinson. thinking of you all and praying for little Mia. What a little fighter. sending huge hugs and strength xx

  3. Oh my gosh, Amy. I am incredibly distressed reading this. Your poor little sweetheart 💔. I hope you are all coping ok during such a difficult time. Sending love xxxx

  4. Amy, what awful news I am so sorry ! We are thinking of you and your beautiful Mia and I hope she recovers quickly from now. Such a difficult time time for you both, stay strong. Let me know if there is anything we can do, happy to have your kids here for a few nights so Pete can be with you! x

  5. Sending you all tones of love and prayer. We are here for you all with anything you need help with, don’t hesitate to ask. Hoping Mia recovers quickly, she sure is a little fighter and no doubt continue to fight. Stay strong. Lots of hugs to you all.

  6. 😮 oh my goodness Amy I’m sorry to hear this, I hope she gets better soon. Sending positive thoughts to you and the family, stay strong, I’m sure she is a tough lil cookie just like her mum

  7. Amy, sending truck loads of love and well wishes, rainbows & lollipops. I’m so sorry to hear this. You are all a very strong, loving family & will get thru this. I’m praying for you all and a massive prayer for Mia xx

  8. Oh my gosh Amy Wilkinson and Peter Wilkinson our love and thoughts to Mia and hug to u all. If we can help in any way even to give u a bit of farm fresh air when you can breathe again!

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless Mia with a swift and complete recovery from this illness. 🙏 🙏

  10. Amy, Sending you all my love. What a terrible situation to be in. Thinking of you all and pray that Mia will heal quickly ❤️

  11. Amy, I’m devastated by your news and would do anything to be right there beside you. Thankfully i know what an amazing support network you have around you. And I believe in your strength and Peter’s love and support will pull you all through

    She’s an angel Amy and we are all fighting on her behalf.

    I love you. xxoo

  12. OMG Amy! 😱 I’m so very sorry to hear that; poor Mia! Sending much love, positive and healing thoughts, strength and prayers to Mia and you all. ❤️

  13. She is an amazing little fighter, you know our love support and prayers are with you guys. I am always here when you need me xxx

  14. Praying for your beautiful girl and for strength for your family during this time Amy. So sorry you’ve had to go through this. Love Juliet xxx

  15. Oh no!!! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way at such a stressful time. Do let me know if there is anything I can do to help out xx

  16. Oh Amy, my heart breaks for you and your beautiful family. Mia is such a little fighter and we send so much love to her and to all of you. Thinking of you all xx xx

  17. So sorry to hear your beautiful girl is so unwell. Sending much love and cwtches your way. You are in our thoughts and prayers, thinking of you all, stray strong xxx

  18. Thanks so much everyone. I’m not sure how we will find the emotional strength to make it. Having a very sad moment right now. How will i be strong enough? Xx

  19. We cant wait to give Mia a real hug soon!!! But in the mean time please know that we thinking of you guys every minute of everyday.

  20. Nothing hurts more than when one of your babies are hurting. You and Pete are strong and you will do whatever you need to do for Mia, you just will. We are sending all our strength to you and if you need help with anything, please ask.

  21. So sorry to hear Amy, sending all our best wishes, thoughts and love your and Pete’s way. My niece was gravely ill and admitted to Lady Cilento back in June – amazing people to be surrounded by and Mia’s in the best hands possible. Be strong, she’ll be better than ok in the end. xxoo

  22. sending oodles of love and strength your way. hugs and kisses to you all. Mia is strong just like her mum. You have the strength to get through this even if you don’t think you have it. xxx

  23. Sorry to to hear such terrible news. Wishing Mia a swift and full recovery and sending lots of virtual support to you and Pete to make it possible!

  24. We are sending oodles and oodles of love your way. You have amazing people around you. Use them if you need a moment to get ‘strong enough’

    My heart breaks that you and your family are going through this

  25. Dear all wonderful friends and family. Mia’s organs recovered and her breathing tube was removed on Saturday. From a medical point of view she has recovered amazingly well considering how fatally ill she was. She was observed in icu for a few days and now we have been moved to a ward. She has been very quiet, sad looking and reserved. Because of poor blood circulation to her hands and feet, she will most likely lose all of these. It is just a waiting game now on pain medication, amputation at some stage and then months of rehabilitation. The future feels so scary but I’m trying to find hope that she will have a bright future. Xx

  26. Amy and Pete, it makes me very sad to hear this. I hope Mia recovers as best she can. Wishing you all the strength through this tough time.

  27. Oh my gosh Amy. I am so very sorry to hear what you and your beautiful family are going through. To your sweet little Mia I will pray every day and night for her to have the best possible recovery. No matter what the outcome we are always here for you and your family.

  28. We wish you Amy Wilkinson and Peter Wilkinson the best as parents trying to help Mia come to terms with her life changes ahead…..Peter and Amy we also wish you the very best as a couple ….while we are not in your day to day life we think of you and your family all ways and if we can help please let us know……we also hope with time Max and Ellie will adjust to the changes too…..little jon

  29. Oh my goodness. I do hope she recovers quickly and the blood circulation improves in her hands and feet as to avoid amputation. Poor darling!!! x

  30. I have been thinking of you all every day. I wish I had chatted to you at gymnastics a couple of weeks ago when I saw you rather than just a wave. Your community is behind you and you are all much loved x

  31. I know when compared to her life her fingertips and toes are not even a blip on the radar, but it is still ok to grieve over them. It still sucks, and feeling crappy about that aspect doesn’t make you less grateful that she is alive. Just in case no one has told you that. Thinking of you all.

  32. Oh Amy and Pete, I am beyond devastated for you. Sending all our love, strength, hope and prayers during this very difficult time xxx

  33. Hi Amy & Pete, I’m so sorry to hear abt little Mia. I can’t even begin to imagine what you guys are going through. Your guys strength is an inspiration to us all. Please keep us posted. You are all in my thoughts xxx

  34. Have been thinking of you all since I saw your first post Amy Wilkinson and breaks my heart to read your updates. Sending our love and prayers xo

  35. Amy, we are so sorry to hear what happened to your little girl. We are glad she is recovering and know that she has amazing parents to help her through this. Our thoughts are with you.

  36. Amy, Pete and family, the Amedees are sending out the positive energy to you and praying for Mia and her recovery. Lots and lots and lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  37. Oh darling ……. Our hearts are broken for you all ……. where there is life there is hope. So thankful that she is still with us all. 🙏🏻 sending you all so much love ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  38. Will continue to pray and send support your way. Thank you for the updates as it must be such a heartache even doing so. We will all stay strong and positive for you guys while you tend to Mai. Love Team Lentell ox

  39. There are no words to describe how much I feel for you and your beautiful family Ames 😔. Stay strong. Sending all of our love and strength xxx

  40. Can not even fathom all the horrors you guys have faced with Mia being so ill. Take strength from those around you, and make sure you take care of yourself too. You can’t poor out of an empty cup. If there is anything you need/want that team Dunbar can help with please don’t hesitate to ask. Our thoughts are with you all and sending all the positive vibes and love your way. 😘

  41. Oh Amy Wilkinson I’m so sorry to hear what he are going through. All my thoughts and best wishes are with you all, the poor little pet xxxxx

  42. Poor Mia! Good news that she is out of ICU. I’ve always found you to be such a happy and positive person Amy. They are beautiful qualities, exactly what Mia needs at this time. Stay strong and positive, wishing you and your family all the very very best xx

    1. Unfortunately back into icu in the middle of the night. Mia’s haemoglobin levels dropped and they aren’t sure why. Possibly infection or bleeding. Not sure. She is back into surgery today to close the cuts they made in her legs to relieve pressure. Xx

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