Movement For Mia

Poor Mia: Bone scan, CT scan, ultrasound, yeast infection, fasciotomy closure surgery… anything else??

Mia had a bone scan yesterday.  She was strapped onto the small bed for hours.  She is so patient with everyone.

I think the bone scan was OK and no bone infection.  We are waiting for feedback though. They did CT scan at the same time to see where the blood circulates to in her arms and calves.  There isn’t blood going past mid calf or mid forearm so that will probably be amputation points. Extremely upsetting to see it so clearly on the screen.

She has a yeast infection in her blood which isn’t great and was probably the cause of high temperatures.  She is on antifungal medicine now.  She has been complaining about sore belly and was crying a lot this morning so I pushed for an ultrasound.  She just had that done.  Hope the result isn’t too scary.  Might go into surgery later for closure of her outer calf fasciotomy.


Ultrasound shows her organs are OK in her belly so they think her sore belly is from blood blister under her incision. They’ll leave it and it should get better. The blood yeast infection is easily treated so that’s good. Just waiting for surgery now.

Update 2

Mia had her leg fasciotomies closed. She was upset in recovery but she is asleep now in our room.

How much can a little 4 year old take in 1 day????


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