Movement For Mia

Surgery tomorrow. Send us your good vibes.

Beautiful, strong amazing mini Mia is scheduled in early tomorrow morning for her arm surgery.  Please send us your strength.  Also, find a way to spread some good vibes and love tomorrow to each other …. call a friend, send a handwritten letter to someone, compliment a work college, take a big breath and enjoy living, really look at your family and love them, be nice to a stranger.  Thank you to everyone near and far for giving us love and support. xx

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  1. Mighty Mia will always sparkle with those amazing eyes and that gorgeous smile. The world better look out for our Mighty Mia won’t be letting anything get in her way for long. She has already overcome so many odds. Xxxx

  2. My heart bleeds for you and I’m praying so much for your beautiful family, Amy & Peter. Please Lord have your mighty hand on this dear little Mia and bless her with a miracle. In Jesus’ name. x

  3. Mia and all of your family will be in our prayers as you are every morning.

    Plus I’ll try extra hard to put smiles on lots of faces tomorrow night in your honour.

  4. Wishing your beautiful girl a safe outcome over the next week. Thinking of you all a lot and giving my munchkins extra cuddles. The tantrums and mess are so insignificant when I see what you are facing into xxxx

  5. Thinking of you all and wishing Mia all the best for today. Sending positive prayers, thoughts and all our love and strength your way. Xo

  6. Another step along the path. Sending all our love (and be assured since we first heard the news about Mia my pair of princesses have been on the receiving end on even more snuggles then normal).

    Mission for the day, spreading the love ❤️.

  7. You guys are in our thoughts and prayer. We are sending all our strength we can muster towards you, Pete and Mia for today. I will be hugging my kids tighter and spreading the love. Love you all 😘

  8. Love to you Amy and Pete. It’s difficult to accept that it takes a tragedy to help you see the good in the every day. But it truly has, and I hope it can do the same for you to my lovely. I’m so glad she is still with us to have and hold and love and nurture. I will send all my gratitude and dedications from my yoga practice to Mia for today. xo

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