Movement For Mia

Brave Mia (arm amputation day)

Mia is such a brave super girl.  She was scared and told us she didn’t want them to take her hands but the nurses told us she was so brave.  Her surgery went well with both arms now ending below her elbows, her left slightly longer than her right.  The pain managment team are doing a great job keeping her comfortable.  I have cried so so much and felt so far down in depths of sadness last night but today I felt it was important to be strong.  She is such a sweet, smart, beautiful girl who will learn new ways to do things and I’m sure inspire so many people.  Life ahead will be challenging at times but also wonderful.  We will definitely appreciate life so much more and look for all the positives. Xx


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  1. Adrian and I have been sitting here so sad tonight, I’ve cried all day for you. I’m so pleased to read your positive post Amy. Mia will do amazing things and has the support of such wonderful parents, siblings, family and friends. You’re an inspiration. We love you and pray everything continues to go as smoothly as possible. Sending love xxx

  2. So amazing! I marvel at how doctors are able help us and I love how the caring nurses are supporting you. Really appreciate the little things in life, and we are praying for your family. lots of love xo

  3. We firmly believe you and Pete are correct Amy. Mia is already proving to be such an amazing example to so many people. We are holding you all in prayer during this difficult time.

  4. She is the most brave super little girl ever!!!!!!! And I know she gets all that from you and Pete!!! All our love and lots of prayers xxxxxoooo

  5. She is amazing and is going to be so inspirational going forward. You, Pete, Ellie and Max are going to be so inspirational aswell and a tremendous support network for each other and those around you 💜💜💜 xxx

  6. Amy Wilkinson and Peter Wilkinson we understand that this is upsetting for you and your family…but Mia seeing that upset but also the positives from you will in a small way ease Mias pain and assit her to know she has your support and encouragement to deal with everything going forward….little jon

  7. You and your family Amy are already an inspiration. I am in awe of the strength you and Pete have to stay positive during this tough time ❤❤❤

  8. Sending so much love to u, Mia and your whole family. What a truely incredible little girl Mia is. Thank u Amy for keeping us all updated xx

  9. I’m both sad and inspired by Mia and what all of you Wilkinsons are facing. And I know that the sadness will slowly be completely replaced by inspiration as time goes by.
    I just know she’s gonna do great things.

  10. Mia is already an inspiration, as are you and Pete with your amazing strength and positivity. Mia will continue to inspire us all. Thank you for your strength to write these updates, you are all in our constant thoughts. Xx

  11. Mia is already inspiring so many of us. People that have never met Mia are inspired by her (and you Pete, Ellie & Max’s) strength and bravery ❤️

  12. You guys are amazing all of you. Well done to your super brave girl. I am so please to hear it all went well and that they are controlling her pain. You are truely an inspiration Amy Wilkinson how you are handling this all and looking forwards big love to you Peter Wilkinson, Mia and all your family.

  13. What an inspiration little Mia and your whole family are Amy Wilkinson. We are in awe of yours and Petes strength, Ellie’s positive spin on things and Mia’s bravery. 😘

  14. Amazing little girl, and mummy and family too! Such strength! Stay positive, she will have a wonderful future no matter what. xx

  15. I’ve found it incredibly hard to read your updates Amy, but I know the positive nature of you and clearly the incredible bravery of Mia, I can only send love and positive vibes and know you will all find the strength to face this head on. I’m know Mia will be an inspirational person in facing her future with her clear fighting spirit, love from Leamington

  16. One brave little possum and such positive parents. An inspiration to us all. You are correct Amy we take things for granted until we don’t have them!! Upwards on onwards!!!

  17. Amy Wilkinson… what a huge thing you guys are going through…enormous…no words I can say will make it better but please know you guys are in our thoughts here and prayers too xx

  18. We have been thinking of your beautiful family every day and praying for good things to come from such sadness and challenges. Courage is truly contagious and you are making everyone feel that much more courageous in the day to day struggles life brings. Sending our love xxx

  19. Hello Other Daughter, what can we say??????? This should never happen in todays world of medicine, but it did and we are sure that your Daughter will face this with the tenacity that both of her parents have and will beat it. The marvels of new mechanical hands and legs will have her up and about in no time and we may even see her doing sport down the track. We Love you guys to pieces and know that Little Mia will not want for anything that is humanly possible to get for her.

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