Movement For Mia

Skin Graft

Today Mia had skin graft surgery.  They took skin from her inner right thigh and put it on her right knee.  Hopefully this will speed up her knee healing so we can progress onto prosthesis.  She is only taking panadol and nurofen for pain but not often.  She is amazing.

This is a photo of her just before going into surgery.  She is such a happy brave little girl.

Tuesday 8th May:  Mia went back into theatre to have the vac dressing removed and see how the graft is taking.   It is taking well besides a couple of areas.  Woo hoo!  She is super happy to be rid of the heavy, restrictive vac pump!

Just before skin graft surgery. Such a happy trooper.

Firefighter visitors

TV and popcorn post skin graft surgery

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