Movement For Mia

In 10 weeks, look what Mia has achieved!

Being the last day of the school term 3, I am reflecting on how much has happened in the last 10 weeks and gosh it has been a lot!!!!

  • 22 medical appointments
  • Her skin graft healed and she could get wet again… baths and the beach!
  • First family holiday away since Mia became ill.
  • Received her first prosthetic legs and started learning to walk again.
  • Wore her legs for a full day at school.
  • Rode a bike again.
  • 12 media events to raise funds for Mia and increase Sepsis awareness.
  • 6 fundraising events.
  • Receiving overwhelming strength and support from people near and far.   THANK YOU!!!!
  • 1 new stylish hair cut!
  • Many moments of love, fun, cheekiness and giggles.
  • Moments of sadness and questions… Why do people stare at me?  When will I not have a teacher aide with me?  Walking is too hard.  I wish I had never gotten sick.  😞
  • Connecting with new friends locally, Australia wide and worldwide for much needed, invaluable support.

So much has happened and I can’t believe it has all happened in just 10 weeks.  It feels like a many months ago that we were still giving her bucket baths and her knee was still healing!

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