Movement For Mia

I hate my legs. :(

Mia received her legs on 27th July. She was doing well, she was building up time in them at school and wore them all day at school on 7th September, 2 weeks ago. She was so much more confident and happy.

Last week they weren’t comfy and rubbing and of course she didn’t want to wear them. We had them adjusted this week. She says it is hard work walking, they are sore, itchy, sweaty, hates her legs and isn’t interested in wearing them. She is flat and sad which is understandable and so heartbreaking.  She tells us her legs are sore but it is difficult to know exactly where.  Also chatting to other amputees, prosthetic legs aren’t super comfy and Mia will need to desensitise her legs and basically get used to them.

I have no idea whether to push her daily to wear her legs so she gets used to them?  Do I ask her just to wear them at least once a day for a certain activity?  Do I do less for her in terms of carrying her around so she understands how good wearing her legs would be?  This is all so new to us as her parents and she has been through so much.  I don’t want to be tough on her but we might need to be a bit firm or use lots of bribes!!!

We have decided to encourage her, with rewards (bribery), to wear them daily for a short time standing and also during ipad time whilst sitting.  Lets see how that goes.  xx

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  1. Dear Mia,
    My name is Jeffery. I too have had sepsis and multiple amputations. I have a bit more hand that you do but all my fingers are Stubbs. I also lost both legs below the knees and a lot of kidney function. This fall I marked my fifth anniversary since getting sick. Recovery takes a lot of time. Your parents will want to help you make “progress.” It is had and some days you may need to say I want to do more and some days you may need to say I can’t do that right now but I want to when I can. I hope you will keep trying. I feel better when I keep moving. I have a new hand cycle and it allows me to go farther and places I could not go before. The world is amazing and I feel better when I am out in it. My legs are getting stronger but it took many many months and I still have to take a break from my prosthetics some days. If you keep after it you can get stronger and you can move past the pain. Try this. Next time it hurts do something you really really love. Really get into it the like you have been thrown into a pool. Sometimes, when I can do that, I suddenly realize the pain is less bothersome. Also ask your parents to get some Vaseline or vitamin e salve. Put this on your legs before you put on your liners. It will help keep you from getting sores. (mom and dad I use – I have no vested interest in the company other than the ointment has changed my skin/prosthetic problems completely) Mia I hope you will keep in touch. I don’t have a way to send you a picture but you can think of me as a grandpa like friend.
    By the way – Do you know what happened when I kicked the soccer ball? (its a joke) I came up a foot short! Hugs.

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