Movement For Mia

Bathroom Renovation

For Mia’s accessibility, we need to modify just a few parts of our home, an external ramp, our bathroom and outside play area.   The first to be completed this year was our bathroom.  It is wonderful for Mia as well as Pete and I as we no longer lift Mia for her to access the toilet and shower.  There is no longer a step into the bathroom so she is able to zoom straight in on her plasma car.  We have a bidet toilet seat for her to self clean without the need of toilet paper.  The large open shower area is fabulous for her to get in and out of on her knees.  The most recent purchase was caravan steps, which we have padded with a yoga mat, for her to climb onto the toilet.  These modifications have made a massive difference to our lives and gives Mia so much more independence.  We still assist her with her underpants but we’re sure as time goes on and she gets older, she will want her privacy and will no longer need or want our help.

We want to say a massive thanks Anglicare Home Maintenance and Modifications as well as Hand Heart Pocket, The Charity of Freemasons Queensland.  They have been big donors to our bathroom renovation and making our lives and Mia’s so much easier.  Thank you so so much!  We met the very kind members of the Fraser Coast Freemasons Lodge recently, who began the ball rolling with Hand Heart Pocket.  They are a group of beautiful people with very big hearts!  It was a big pleasure to meet you all and personally thank you so much for your help.  The Anglicare staff helped us so much with the OT assessment by the lovely Liz Ainsworth, quotes, organising a builder and funding.  The whole process flowed easily and are so grateful.  xxxxx

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