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Mia Wilkinson Trust

Mia Wilkinson Trust – Necessitous Circumstances Fund

The Mia Wilkinson Trust – Necessitous Circumstances Fund  has been established as a charity whose purpose is to advance health and education by raising money to purchase and fund mobility, accessibility, rehabilitation and support requirements for Mia Lilly Wilkinson to engage in everyday life and learning activities experienced by a developing child.  This support is required because Mia became a quad amputee, losing both her hands and feet to sepsis when she was 4 years of age in 2017.


  • Enable Mia to access everyday activities typically experienced by children.
  • Support Mia to do everyday tasks as independently as possible.
  • Ensure Mia can access all parts of her home.
  • Ensure Mia can be transported to activities that family, friends and the community are accessing.
  • Promote mental well-being for Mia and her family post the traumatic critical illness.


Chairperson – Chris McDougall
Treasurer – Shane Murray
Secretary – Jennifer Hefford


Email : [email protected]