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Brave Mia continues a most remarkable journey

Mia Wilkinson was like most bubbly four-year-old girls.  Her contagious smile and her cheeky giggle bounced around her suburban Brisbane home.  Mia loved the things that most little girls cherish – there was swimming, gymnastics, drawing and painting.  And there was the loving bond with her older sister and younger brother.  But Mia’s life changed one Friday afternoon in October 2017.

Today, we need your help to change it again.

That vibrant little girl complained of a sore tummy.  Within a few hours, Mia was vomiting.  On Saturday morning, Mia was diagnosed with a gastro bug.  By Saturday afternoon, Mia was at the hospital, where she was diagnosed with Influenza B and Viral Myositis.  By Sunday afternoon, that brave, caring girl was fighting for her life.  Her heart stopped, revived by the doctors in the pediatric intensive care unit.  Mia’s life was a minute-by-minute proposition.  Over the next six days, Mia fought her way back from death.

But some damage was permanent.  Mia’s parents had to tell their brave little girl that her arms would be amputated below her elbows and her legs amputated below the knees.  Mia asked why.  She was told that her hands and feet were sick and they would make her sick again.  Mia cried and so did her parents.  Mia asked if she would get new hands.  She was told her new hands would help her do things but they would not be the same as the old hands.  That was the first step into Mia’s new life journey.

Mia has regained that smile and that infectious giggle, becoming brilliant at drawing, playing with her doll houses and using her iPad.  She’s the most resilient little girl.  But there’s a long journey left for Mia.

Her caring family and friends have set up the Mia Wilkinson Trust – Necessitous Circumstances Fund.  This fund will help Mia with her expensive prosthetics, lifelong medical treatments, house modifications, car modifications and necessary equipment.  It will help Mia along the path to achieve her goals.  You can help Mia by making a donation – any amount, large or small, makes a difference in Mia’s life.

Donations are tax deductible and your gift will give Mia the hands she needs to paint pictures, the legs she needs to walk through the park, the care she needs to thrive.

Please make a gift today to join this inspirational girl as she continues her journey in a most eventful life.



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