Movement For Mia


As I am adding this collection of photos and videos of Mia before she became ill, tears are rolling down my face.  It is extremely upsetting and difficult to be reminded of what she has lost.  How did this happen?  How I wish we could go back.  How I wish I had a magic wand or a time machine.

There will always be moments of sadness and tears but this is not the way to live the rest of our lives.  From another perspective, I am extremely thankful she survived.  I am grateful for having her now, hearing her laugh, tell me she loves me, give her cuddles, see her playing and having fun, being able to love her and just being with Mia, who is one of the most amazing people in the world.

This is a path and journey we definitely didn’t want but here we are.  Let’s create happy days everyday and enjoy life.  Let’s put on our positive pants and can do attitudes.  Let’s find new ways and become master problem solvers and inventors.  Let’s meet each day with a smile, love each other and do the best we can.



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