Movement For Mia

Busy and tiring day

Pete stayed last night at hospital too.  We had a pretty good sleep, 9pm until about 3am-ish.  Mia woke up a few times, hot/cold/sore from then on until 8am.  She had 3 spoonfuls of weetbix this morning.  We went to the garden on level 5 with Nanna, Poppa and Max.  Mia was very happy to see Max.  Mia sat on the side of the bed with a little help and looked very chuffed with herself.   She ate 1 piece of watermelon for lunch.  She fell asleep at 2:30pm but I woke her as I thought she would like the special cooking class organised with the OT and Physio.  She must have been so tired as she fell back asleep in her chair.  Poor poppet. She slept until 6:15pm.  I wonder when she will regain her energy and strength.  She get tired so easily and has such little strength.


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