Movement For Mia

Enjoying the first day of Spring, doing normal kid stuff

Today we had such a lovely day.

In the morning, Ellie, Mia and Max enjoyed playing cars together.  Of course there were a couple of fights over cars but generally they had a great time.  When Mia was in hospital she asked how would she play with Ellie without hands.  Thankfully she has found ways to adapt and her bond with Ellie is very strong.

After lunch, Ellie and Mia played Minecraft on their iPads.  They are amazing at what they can create and I often hear them complimenting each other on their buildings.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a park birthday party with Mia’s classmates.  She wore her legs the whole time.  She played with her friends on the equipment with our help and at times she took some independent steps.  We are so lucky and thankful for Mia’s classmates.  They are a beautiful, friendly group of children and their parents have given us so much valuable support and kindness.


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