Movement For Mia

Putting on Mia’s prosthetic legs

It takes about 10 minutes to put Mia’s legs on.  There are 4 parts.

First on are the silicon liners.  These are good for the scars on her legs and to protect her skin from rubbing and damage.  But they are very hot and sweaty.  Not the best for hot Australian summer time soon.  These are quite tacky to touch and a little tricky to put on.  We need to make sure there are no air pockets or skin wrinkles that will rub.

Next are cotton socks.  Her legs change shape during a day and amputees need to either add more socks or take some off to get the best fit for their prosthetic leg.

Then a thin foam prosthetic liner is put on.  You can see the divit below her knee which is where the load of her weight is taken so that pressure isn’t on the bottom of her legs.  The strap on the legs is simply to hold them on.

Then finally her legs and she is ready to go!!!

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