Movement For Mia

A Very Mia Christmas

We had an absolutely wonderful time this afternoon at A Very Mia Christmas Fundraiser.  We made a beautiful gingerbread house, ate way too many sweets, chatted and laughed while surrounded by a wonderful community of friends.

In just 6 weeks, two very organised and beautiful ladies made this happen.  Thanks to Fiona Dann and Nicole Rohrig.  Your event organisation and management skills are beyond impressive.

Thanks to the musicians, face painters, fairy floss makers, bar tenders, gingerbread house gift-wrappers, the people who set up and cleaned up, the school for the use of the hall, many sponsors, Councillor Julian Simmonds for sponsoring, all of the friends who helped make the day flow so smoothly and of course everyone for coming along and spending the afternoon with us.

What a joyous way to begin the festive season.  We are extremely fortunate to have so many people close to us making us laugh and supporting us.  Last year we would never have imagined this Christmas would be so wonderful.


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