Movement For Mia

Christmas 2018

This Christmas is a very merry one.  We are all together, we are happy, we are all healthy and we are surrounded by so much love, kindness and support.

This year feels vastly different to last year.  I remember last year, a new friend, a prosthetist, saying to me that we are so lucky and we have the greatest gift……Mia is alive.  I didn’t feel at all lucky!  Our beautiful daughter, who was healthy, just a couple of months ago, was now a quad amputee for the rest of her life.  He also said, next Christmas you will be amazed how far you all will have come and it will be a happy Christmas.  I didn’t believe him.  I thought, how will we ever be happy again and not in the depths of sadness and grief?  It seemed impossible.  But, here we are.  This year has had many very low moments of sadness but also so many proud, amazing moments.  We have been overwhelmed by the care and strengh given to us from so many people near and far.  We are so grateful to so many people.

I can’t even begin to imagine what Christmas 2019 will look like!

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  1. We will continue to follow the progress of this beautiful little girl as she travels her journey through life. Her courage is beyond her years and her ability to adjust is incredible. To Amy and Peter we wish tyou on going strength as you navigate the emotional journey that lies ahead.

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