Movement For Mia

Running Legs!!!! Check out the video.

8th June: Maybe one of the cutest sights ever… Mia in running blades.
We had no idea if Mia would even be able to walk a few steps. She progressed to running in such a short time amazing everyone!!
A really, really wonderful day. 
I have hoped that Mia will be ok and worry so so much. I now know that Mia’s life is going to be something really amazing. So extremely proud of this little amazing girl. Tears of so much joy for her.


15th May: Today Mia was cast for her running blade legs. They will give her bounce to run. Super duper exciting. 
This is a plaster cast of Mia’s leg. Mia calls the plaster ‘magic mud’ and it is a very messy process. 
Can’t wait to see how bouncy they are. The fabric Mia has chose for the outside of her legs is Shimmer and Shine Genies!

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