Movement For Mia

Mia’s positive outlook on mini holiday at Stradbroke Island

Mia’s outlook on situations is one of the most special, amazing parts about Mia.

Recently we had a mini break to North Stradbroke Island.  Such a beautiful place!  We decided to take the kids on the Gorge Walk, hearing it is picturesque.  There was a gap in the rain so we set off.  Mia is in her wheelchair and oh no, there are stairs.  Pete and I look at each other and then ask an overseas tourist how many stairs there are and if he thought it was do-able?  He was extremely kind and offered to go back along the walk with us to carry Mia.  Oh the kindness of people is wonderful.  He indicated there are quite a few stairs but we decided we could do it ourselves.  I piggy backed Mia and Pete carried the wheelchair.  Mia is completely unfazed!  I don’t show it but I am thinking, why did this happen to Mia?  This is not fair.  If only she never became sick and she still had her legs.  I felt a bit down and sad.  On we go.  More stairs but no worries…. on we go.  The kids are so happy.   We see a turtle and kangaroos, the beautiful sea view and surfers.  Pete decides to leave Mia in her wheelchair and ‘bump’ her down the next set of stairs.  She is giggling and having the best time!  Pete then picks her up, wheel chair and all, to climb the next set of stairs.  Mia calls out “I am flying!” followed by “Thanks Dad for being so strong!”  She is having a wonderful day!!  She isn’t thinking the sad thoughts I was thinking.  Sometimes I am still focusing on what we have lost and wasting energy being sad.  Mia is not.  She is focusing on the good parts of the day….. bumpy wheelchair rides and flying through the air.  Love you Mia and your positive perspective.  xxxxx

(A big thanks to Aunty Shirley for letting us all invade her home for our lovely break away.)

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  1. Such a beautiful story. I am so proud of my brother Peter, my sister-in-law Amy and especially my niece Mia. Thank you for melting my heart once more guys. And Max and Ellie, you two melt my hear too xoxo

  2. Amy! You are so open and honest as you come from a mothers heart! Praise God that you have your gorgeous Mia and your other children to help you balance your grief. Still such early days and raw memories! What a wonderful mini holiday……you are still seeing such kindness in others. Don’t be too tough on yourself. Bless you and yours! 💖💖💖💖💖

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